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Are you going to travel in Sydney. The quickest, cheapest and most convenient way to reach Sydney is by means of Sydney Airport Train. As a fact, it is the most preferred means of getting to the city. Compared to the taxi or bus it is the straight forward trip when your accommodation is in the middle town

Upon arriving at Sydney, you will never get lost! There are signs and symbols that are posted and easily understandable. You can easily find the international stations because it is located between the terminal 2 and 3. The train departs every 15 minutes from the airport to the city and takes 10-15 minutes to reach the central business district. It also operates 7 days a week from 5 am till 12 in the midnight.

The below are some of the tips to ensure your airport journey via train easy and hassle-free.

The best carriage depends on where you are heading to. Take note of this, those two stations can be extremely busy during 7:30 till 9:00 am. It is the peak hours every day. If you are heading at Central, the best place to ride is on the front of the train it is because the Central lift is installed in the front and at the rear. Then all you have to do is change train for King Cross and Bondi junction train, NSW trains and the Blue Mountain train.

If you are going to the Museum, the best place to ride is at the back of the train. It is the only one station without lift, so try to avoid heavy luggage as possible. Upon reaching the Museum, you can take the exit at the Liverpool Street. If you are heading at St. James, it is best to ride in the middle of the train. It is because the lift is situated in the front stairs and back stairs.

The next train stop is at Circular Quay. If you are travelling here for the first time, be sure to position yourself on the right side of the train so that you can gaze the breathtaking view of the famous Harbour Bridge. Then the next station is at the Wynyard Station. The lift is located in the middle and stairs are located on the both sides. Finally, the last station is the Town Hall. If this is your destination and you don’t have any heavy luggage, it is best to get off at Central and ride the train going to Town Hall on the other side to save at least 10 minutes. But if you have bags or luggage don’t think of changing trains as a good alternative.

Also, if you are carrying a luggage, move far inside the train to avoid blocking the other passengers. You can upset other passengers if you stand near the door and you have lots of luggage. Additionally, it is very difficult for the passengers in Green Square and Mascot to get on the train if you will stand near the door.

Don’t be confused about using the Opal Card. You can always buy the card in domestic and international train terminal stations; however, you cannot buy it in other stations. The cost of the fare is only $ 12.60. If you are planning to travel heading back to the airport it is best to get an opal because the access is capped for $21. With these useful tips, you can have easy, fast, and cheaper travel in Sydney.