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Locked phones are commonly sold by certain providers to exclusively utilise their services and the network only. If you bought your iPhone within the past two years, it could be unlocked already. Yet, iPhones that were bought more than two years now may be locked by your provider or carrier whom you can request to let unlock the device.

Furthermore, there are many ways to unlock your iPhone without making it hard for you.

  • You can either choose to request your provider to unlock it
  • Purchase software to unlock the iPhone
  • Find a reliable mobile phone specialist to have it unlocked.

Well, not all providers will allow you to unlock the iPhone instead; they might discourage you to do it. They will tell you that they can’t do it and the warranty will be voided if you have it unlocked by a third party.

Also, not all software can be also reliable in unlocking iPhone. Although, there are several options that you can choose from among them, a guarantee to solve the issue is not 100%.  The fast and easy option is to find a professional and reliable phone repair shop and have it unlocked.

If you need a Sydney iPhone unlocking services, Oz Phone Repairs shop is available for iPhone repairs. They  have been dealing with the issue for more than 10 years so technicians are guaranteed efficient. They give warranty on every repair service they do; be it for your iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S or iPhone 4. iPhone unlocking could be done on-site or through mail in service depending on your location in New South Wales Australia.