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Are you having trouble with your phone? Perhaps, you are thinking about replacing or fixing your phone. If so, there are certain things to consider if you will have your hone fixed or just buy a new one. If your phone is below 2 years and it is your first time to experience a problem with your unit, it is best to have your phone fixed. But f your phone is about 3 years or above and you are encountering problems with your phone purchasing a new unit can be the best option.

Still, it is cheaper to have your phone fixed rather than have buying a new one. And if you are comfortable with your phone and you want to have it fixed here are some of the things to know and consider.

Repairing your phone by yourself is highly risky if you have no knowledge, training and experience in repairing a phone. Though there are video tutorials on how to repair phone, it is still best to find a reliable and professional phone repair technician. A professional technician has a proper knowledge and training on how to repair a phone so they can do it simple and fast.

Repairing the phone by you can also make the problem worst. There are appropriate tools needed and procedures or techniques such as heating some parts in order to disassemble the parts. If you are inexperienced you may just broke other the parts that can lead to serious problems.

Still, it is your decision to make. If you believe that you can do it by yourself and you have complete tools, you can start repairing your phone. But if you have no tools and you don’t know anything about repairs and maintenance of phone, it is best to find reliable technician.