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Are you searching for ways to achieve whiter teeth?  If so, there are different ways to achieve whiter teeth. The conventional way to whiten teeth is the so called bleaching. According to experts it is safe way to achieve whiter teeth. But many say that it has unpleasant after effects such as gums irritation, teeth sensitivity and loose of appetite.

The below are some of the whitening treatment that you can consider.

  1. Use of baking Soda. Using baking soda is one of the common methods in whitening teeth. As a precaution, it is abrasive and may destroy your teeth enamel. As a fact it can even polish a car. If you plan to use a baking soda, be sure to use little amount of it and for only twice a week.
  2. Use of activated Charcoal. This is one of the most popular homes teeth whitening treatment. Other says that it works while other says that it doesn’t work. Actually, it draws the stain out.  However as a precaution, don’t use charcoal daily because it inhibits remineralization of teeth and gums.
  3. Using hydrogen Peroxide.  Like bleaching these is also considered as one of the conventional way to teeth whiten. Yet there can be danger for using hydrogen peroxide, because it is highly abrasive

There are more teeth whitening option to consider. Others are used to check for some items in the market such as fruit peelings, to name some are banana, oranges and strawberry. This might be effective to simple tooth stains and might have better results in a month or two.

On the other hand, laser teeth whitening is used by busy people. This might not be cheap than the natural ways of whitening teeth but you can have your teeth whitened in just an hour or less. You will be amazed by cosmetic clinics doing the technique even better on how to whiten teeth. Hope you get best results of whatever you choose among the methods shared here.